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Join Us for our Hangout #2: The Bilingual Rebellion Stage

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In our first ever SpanglishBaby LIVE Google+ Hangout we discussed dual language immersion programs and it was a success. Now we’re ready for our second one! We hope you can join us tomorrow as we discuss another very popular topic for parents raising bilingual kids. For those of you who’ve never joined a Google+ Hangout, you should know that it’s just like hanging out with a bunch of friends, except that you’re not all in the same room. WHAT: In our secondRead More ...

Why Raising a Bilingual Child is Always a Work In Progress

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My daughter has been attending her dual immersion school in Spanish for almost three months now and I can honestly say she’s made a lot of progress. I think the most noticeable improvement has been in her increased self-esteem and the value she’s now given to speaking Spanish.  She tries much harder to complete sentences in Spanish and doesn’t get frustrated when I nudge her to speak it. My husband keeps insisting that she’s speaking way too much English andRead More ...

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