The Bilingual/English as Second Language (ESL) Program at Westminster Academy is implemented in an inclusive/support mode. Support services are provided within the context of the homeroom format, which encourages small group and individualized instruction. Support is also provided through technology with the utilization of Internet access to language development activities as well as multilingual instructional software. Homeroom and support certified staff maintain continuous communication to assess the needs of the students, and to develop and provide appropriate activities leading toward success in the mainstream curriculum. Multicultural instruction and activities constitute an integral part of the Bilingual/ESL/World Languages Department and are woven throughout the curriculum for all students. Cultural themes are integrated in the literature, all content areas, and special subjects. In addition, special programs include presentations by the Nai Ni Chen Company, which trains students in Chinese arts and dance, special field trips, and the annual Multicultural Celebration & Multicultural Parent-Teacher Luncheon which are held to commemorate Bilingual/Multicultural Week. Students are encouraged to participate in contests and projects such as National Poetry Week submitting work in their native languages. Students at Westminster Academy represent over 30 different countries and nationalities

We are very happy to present the Mandarin Chinese program at Westminster Academy. We are delighted that you are interested in this Chinese language that is spoken by more than a quarter of the world’s population. Westminster Academy provides the students with a wonderful program that includes insights into both the language and the culture of this large segment of the world community. There are many good reasons for learning Chinese

To enhance global understanding
To prepare for the Asian century
To have an extra advantage for your future career
To learn how to communicate with Chinese people directly,
To understand your own language and culture better
To further your personal interest in Chinese art, dance, or martial art, and more.