Atlanta Trilingual Academy is a language immersion school that emphasizes language arts in English, Spanish and Chinese as well as math and technology. We offer a rigorous curriculum that challenges students, but still allows them to work at their own pace. We are a full-time program from preschool through 1st grade and intend to add a grade each year.

Atlanta Trilingual Academy seeks to provide an elite education that parents and students alike with enjoy and prosper from. An education for many parents is an investment and parents want the best for their children. We strive to offer one of the best educations available in this country. Imagine the competitive advantage Atlanta Trilingual students will have from being proficient in 3 languages without sacrificing the core academic areas.

Our future plans ares to add a Mom’s morning out program, summer camp, weekend language classes and tutoring.

School Benefits:
• Full Immersion Environment
• 40‐45% of school day taught in Chinese
• Students gain fluency in Chinese
• 40‐45% of school day taught in Spanish
• Students gain fluency in Spanish
• Math/Technology focused curriculum
• Self‐paced Learning
• Located near I‐20 & I‐285 in West Atlanta