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Brave Printable Activities Are Here!

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Brave will finally hit theaters Friday June 22! Many of our little ones are super exited for this new movie. And as you can tell, so are we! With the many posts we’ve shared with you about the process that went into making this movie we’ve become very familiar with the fiery Merida and are thrilled that the debut is soon approaching. The best part is that we don’t only get to rant and rave about Brave, but we are alsoRead More ...

Brave Advanced Screening Giveaway!

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 ©2012 Disney/Pixar We’ve been raving about the upcoming Disney movie Brave for a while. We first got to hear about the fiery Merida from Ana when she was invited to learn how the Disney/Pixar magic is made and teased with the first half hour of Brave.  We even got to hear from the producer about the process that went into making this movie. One thing is for sure, we are pumped for Brave! And with good reason, or actually five reasons! AndRead More ...

La Luna: A Short Film That Will Have You Over the Moon

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  On June 22nd, Disney*Pixar’s Brave finally hits theaters. As excited as we all are to watch Brave (and we should be!), make sure you’re sitting in your seat early enough so you don’t miss a very special short film which will be played right before Brave called La Luna. La Luna, written and directed by Enrico Casarosa, was actually one of the nominees for the Best Short Film (Animated) category in the 2012 Academy Awards (Oscars), but this is theRead More ...

5 Reasons Why I Want My Girl to Watch “Brave”

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Even though Brave, Disney*Pixar’s newest animated movie, isn’t in theater’s yet and I haven’t had a chance to screen more than 30 minutes of it it, it´s enough to know it’s a movie I want my daughter to see and love. I am a little biased because I was able to visit the Pixar studios in April and got to meet and interview many of the fascinating people who, in the course of six years, have made this vision ofRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Talks To The Producer of Brave

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Often when we sit down in a theater or in front of a screen to watch a Disney*Pixar film we are so enthralled by the story and the true-to-life animation that we forget there´s a whole team and a huge process of many years behind all that movie magic. My thought process is always more in the lines of a bewildered “How did they do that?” I finally got to dig into the answer to that question when I wasRead More ...

The Walt Disney Family Museum: A Journey of Inspiration

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                          The word Disney would seem to have transcended the man who created what has now become  one of the most well-known, loved and recognized brands in the world. But one visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, CA will make it very clear that this all started through the imagination, perseverance and good will of one man with a huge vision: Walt Disney. LastRead More ...

I Was Just Teased At Pixar. ¡Quiero Más BRAVE!

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I just feel like a child invited to Disneyland for the first time and not allowed to get on any of the rides! Last week I told you I had received an invitation from Disney to visit the famed Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville (in the California Bay Area) where the final touches to the movie Brave are still being made. The whole group of mom bloggers and traditional media arrived today to San Francisco and we were quickly transported inRead More ...

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