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Discovery Familia Vamos Con Bo

The days where kids just sit in from of the television and watch characters go on adventures is coming to an end, thanks to shows like Vamos con Bo. Keeping our niños active and healthy is very important to us parents and fun for our kids. What’s great about Vamos Con Bo is that it encourages a love for an active lifestyle in our kids, and it’s en Español!

Bo is an young heroine who is as energetic and curious as many of our little ones. She happens to live in a castle with her dragon friend Dezzy where adventure is always awaiting. Together Bo and Dezzy motivate our kids to go on marvelous adventures using their imaginations, and encourage our kids to perform movements that will help Bo and Dezzy on their search. Bo takes it one step further and not only encourages our kids to move, but also helps them develop new motor skills as they play. Along with her adorable friend Dezzy, Bo faces challenges in every episode that she is able to overcome with a positive attitude.

For a preview clip and info on the characters, go to the Discovery Kids site. You can watch Vamos Con Bo on Discovery Familia Monday through Friday at 5 pm E/ 2 pm P.

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