Have you heard of Shaving Cream Paint? I actually thought that I came up with this ingenious idea and then I looked it up online and realized so many other clever mami’s had the same idea. I have used shaving cream paint for lots of activities to paint on: paper, sidewalk, your body and on the bath wall.

Want to take your bath activities to another level? Before getting the kids en la cama, read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (there’s also a movie) to them and then let them have fun in the bath making themselves green and putting up the ornaments on the tree.  They don’t have to take a bath you can have them put on their bathing suit and they can jugar in the tub.

Try this, your kids will love it especially since it’s Christmas themed for some holiday fun.  I was over at  Bath Activities for Kids and got the idea to make ornaments for our plain Christmas tree by using foam. You can also purchase the foam ornaments but we made ours by just cutting a circle from the foam.

Shaving Cream Paint

What you need:

  • Shaving cream
  • green food coloring
  • paint brush
  • foam circles

1. As shown in picture above- drop between 6-8 drops of green food coloring to your shaving cream.

2. Mix. Your niños will enjoy mixing it. It has a marblelized look when you first start mixing it in.

3. I made the tree outline for the boys and they “painted” it in. Since it’s washable they can wash it off and make their own tree however they want.

4. The foam circles are for ornaments.

Our boys painted each other green. I think they had more fun doing this. When they were done I had them wipe off the wall with water and it was all clean.

Note: Shaving cream can not be consumed and will burn if you get it in your eyes.  Let your kids have fun but you may need to set some ground rules like: no eating, putting it on each others face, etc…  It will wash off your tile shower wall but may not come off your clothing so use with caution or with an art smock on.

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