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TheCroods family

While watching “The Croods” we wondered what inspired the filmakers to create such an original tale: a caveman family surviving a rapidly changing pre-historic world. The movie follows the Croods when they are forced out of their cave due to an earthquake that destroys their home. Through a very funny and entertaining “road trip” the Croods discover the world that lies beyond their cave.

However, not everything is peachy. The family is being pulled in different directions. Grug (voiced by Nicholas Cage) wants nothing more than to find another cave where everyone  can be safe. But his daughter Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) is thrilled with the idea of exploring the world and trying new things. At it’s core,”The Croods” is a movie about family and a father-daughter relationship.

The Croods - Directors: Chris Sanders & Kirk DeMicco - Producers: Kristine Belson & Jane Hartwell

We got a chance to talk to Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, directors of “The Croods, ” about their inspiration behind the film and ask them: “Why a caveman family?” Kirk DeMicco said, “the metaphor and the theme of change just is such a relevant thing that everybody goes through if you’re a kid; adults don’t want to change jobs, kids don’t want to change schools, nobody likes it, everyone’s afraid of it.  So, there was always so much to mine in that way, and the cavemen were a perfect metaphor because you strip away everything else. And all they’ve got really to talk about is just life and what it means because they don’t have jobs, they don’t have all the other pressures.”

Chris Sanders told us, “the main drive of the story is so family centric.” At first the rest of the Crood family, which includes mother Ugga (voiced by Catherine Keener), son Thunk (voiced by Clark Duke) , mother-in-law Gran (voiced by Cloris Leachman), and rambunctious toddler Sandy, are all behind Grug. But when they encounter Guy ( voiced by Ryan Reynolds) the family starts to see a furutre which doesn’t include a cave. The family is enchanted with Guy’s inventions like fire and shoes. When the family starts following Guy’s vision of “tomorrow” Grug is not willing to adapt. Kirk told us, “what’s the biggest change that anyone should fear? Fear of new shoes, okay, we get it, technology’s kind of scary.  But, the fear of losing your daughter or the fear of watching your family grow up around you….that’s really what took hold.”

The Croods - Eep

The strongest emotional pull happens between Grug and his daughter Eep. We loved that Eep’s character was that of a strong girl, not only physically but mentally. If you think Eep is just there to fill the role of the rebellious teenager who falls in love with the “new guy” and wants to leave her family behind, you’ll be surprised. Sure, there are bits of that, but Eep’s character goes beyond. Like any strong-minded kid, Eep is determined to find a better tomorrow. At the same time she realizes she is not willing to abandon her family and traditions. As the movie progresses, Eep and Grug find their way together.

Check out the trailer below here:


{Event photos by Eric Charbonneau, all other images courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation}

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