One of our goals this holiday season is to attend our first Posada as a family. I remember going to one as a kid but vaguely remember what it consist of. I do remember piñatas and lots of candy.

I decided to create these super colorful Posada inspired Piñata ornaments to kick off our holiday season!

posada pinata ornaments

To get started you will need:

• a small box preferably with lid

• Tissue paper in festive colors at least 3 colors

• adhesive- I used photo splits they worked great!

• a pipe cleaner in coordinating color

• scissors

• pretty stickers

posada pinata ornaments: prepare box top copy

With the scissors, carefully, poke a hole. Slide the pipe cleaner through and tie the excess to secure the pipe cleaner.

Cute a rectangle size of tissue paper. Gently, cut a hole in the middle and slide through the pipe cleaner. (The reason we didn’t do that before is because creating the hole on the top causes roughness and tissue paper rips very easily.)

Cut off excess and secure inward on the top. Test that it still sits nicely on your box bottom.

posada pinata ornaments :tissue paper fringes copy

Cut out a few strips of tissue paper. (make sure the strips are no larger than an inch you want to make sure you can add a couple of strips to decorate)

Start cutting fringes on the strips of tissue paper.

Add some adhesive to only the edges of the tissue once you have finished fringing your pieces.

Take the strip and start adhering from the bottom up. Repeat until you are at the opening of the box.

The last strip should be place half way off the box. This will help secure the strip in the box and not cause the box top to accidentally rip it.

Place your box on to make sure it is still a nice fit.

posada pinata ornaments :decorate and hang

Lastly, take those pretty stickers and decorate your Posada Piñata Oranment. Place on your tree and enjoy!

You can also try making this same ornament with other small objects.

¡Felices Fiestas!

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