neighborly thank you gift ideas

Here’s a great idea: Neighborly Thank You Gifts with Free Printables to kick off your Thanksgiving week! The lovely thing about this activity is that it’s super kid friendly and you can share it with your vecinos or la policia, the local fire fighters, el cartero, or your family members when they come over for Thanksgiving dinner.

gracias printables

If your children are little then all they have to do is hand out the notes as is, but I bet they still would like to scribble their name.  If they are older then you can encourage them to write a message, if they’d like.  To download your Gracias Labels just click here: Neighborly Thank You Labels

What our familia did is we bought a box of chocolates and stuffed each bag with chocolates and these cute notes.  Our kids helped us get them together and then placed them all in a basket. As we walk out the door or someone comes to our home we will fill their day with a joyful treat in hopes to remind them that they are appreciated.


At dinner time we discussed all the people they had an opportunity to share their Thank You gift with and my son’s eyes lit up and said, “It made me so happy.”  ¡Que lindo!  My older boy shared what each person’s facial expressions were like when they received the gift and he said, “It made them smile.”  Enjoy brightening up your neighbor or community helper with these treats.

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