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Easy and Adorable Sun Hat Craft

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One thing I remember from going to the beach or park as a kid was that my Latino parents were always hiding from the sun.  As a kid I didn’t care, and sure enough within 20 minutes I looked like a red frijol but the grown ups did, so they hid. Mi mami was notorious for forgetting her sun hat so we would always find her holding a piece of newspaper over her head to keep her creamy, milky skin out of the sun.  She would have loved this craft, even though I have a feeling she still would have forgotten to bring even this newspaper hat.

What you will need:

  • newspaper
  • tempera paint
  • masking tape

Place the long full sheet of newspaper of your childs head. Make sure it’s in the center, so when you start trimming it’s even all sides.

2. Wrap masking tape over the newspaper while it’s on your child’s head.

3. Trim around to get the right size.

4. Remove hat from head and paint but make sure your child doesn’t soak the newspaper with paint otherwise it will make a hole through it.

5. Add ribbon or a feather and glue it on.

You can make one for boys but just cut the sides down a bit more to make it look less frilly.

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