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DIY Glitter body art for kids

One of my biggest tasks is to keep the kids entertained while the family is busy cooking and preparing everything during the holidays.

Lately the trend has been these amazing glittered body art designs. I like to think of them as the modern face paintings.

Not only are these fun and festive but the designs are endless.

While my son was excited about getting fall leaves, my daughter requested a rainbow turkey.

Since we didn’t use body glue (which lasts 3-7 days), we tried out a more temporary adhesive for a day of wearing our designs.

I am sure this will be a hit with the kids this holiday!

To make your own Glitter Holiday body art designs here is what you need:

DIY Glitter body art for kids


1-Fine glitter

2-Elmer’s Glue

3-Makeup sponge

4-Dry brush

5-Paint brush

I’ve created this easy-to-follow-along video so you can see how we got our design started. Follow along with the video or the steps below.


1- Clean the area where you will place your design

2- Using the paint brush, apply your glue

3-To make the turkey like we did start with 2 circular shapes to form a turkey

4-Tap on the glitter using the same glue brush

5-Tap off the excess glitter

6-Using the makeup sponge firmly press down on design

7-Use the dry brush to remove any unwanted glitter surrounding your design.

8-Repeat the steps to finish your design.

9- We added 4 fathers to our turkey. Apply one at a time. We also added eyes and a beak.

Enjoy creating these designs. We hope they are a hit with the kids at your next holiday gathering!

DIY Glitter body art for kids

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