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Objective: Create your own bug hunt. Kids love looking for bugs in the summer time and the idea of searching is a fun, interactive activity that is perfect for language rich exposure and practice.

Bug Hunt – La Búsqueda de Los Insectos

• We love the summer bugs found at most Dollar Stores. Stock on the small plastic ones in a variety of colors.
• Find a large, grassy area to sprinkle the bugs on the ground.
• Give children clear plastic bags or bowls to use to collect the bugs.
• While searching, give a variety of commands in the target language.
• Kids will have a blast searching and finding the bugs.
• Sort and count bugs by color and size.
• How many bugs have wings? How many bugs have 4 legs? ¿Cuántos tienen alas? ¿Cuántos tienen 4 piernas?
• Tell kids to close eyes and scatter bugs once again. Other variations include timing the hunt so they have to find them quickly or play music and they have to stop the search when the music stops.

Practice words:

El insecto- bug
La hormiga- ant
La mosca- fly
La mariquita- ladybug
La mariposa- butterfly
El saltamontes- grasshopper
El escarabajo- beetle
Busca los insectos- look for the bugs
¿Dónde está ?…. – where is…..?

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