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The Culture of Food : Guatemala

Día de los Muertos Traditional Dish from Guatemala : Molletes {Recipe}

In Guatemala there are many dishes that are traditionally made for the Día de los Muertos celebrations, one of my favorite is the molletes. Very different from the Mexican molletes, Guatemalan molletes are similar to French toast. They are stuffed with custard and accompanied with syrup made with panela or raw sugar and rum. However, you can leave the rum out for a kid-friendly version. Molletes and torrejas are sometimes used interchangeably but they are different dishes as the torrejas areRead More ...

Traditional Candy: Canillitas de Leche {Recipe}

I have very fond memories of long weekends spent in Guatemala City, a five-hour drive from San Salvador where I grew up. Perhaps my favorite part of going to Guatemala was stopping by the local market and buying bags of canillitas de leche to take back home with me. This traditional candy from Guatemala is made with condensed milk that hardens into a stick, or canillita, and then just melts in your mouth. So simple, sweet and delicious. I stillRead More ...

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