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Video of the Week + More: ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo!

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You have no idea how touchy my Chilango (i.e. Mexico City born and raised) husband got when I told him I wanted the three of us to actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Why would a Mexican not want to celebrate a Mexican holiday? Well, because this is a holiday that, truth be told, has become very commercial – like most every other holiday – and, thus, has lost it’s true meaning. Aside from the fact that this isn’tRead More ...

Sometimes showing is better than telling…

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It’s 2:30 in the madrugada and the rooster won’t stop crowing. I thought this only happened at the break of dawn! What is going on? It was okay the first few days, but after all the late nights celebrating Año Nuevo and the first day of 2009 and just life in general – as they do on this beautiful island on a regular basis – I want to kill the stupid rooster. But then, I remember how Vanessa’s face litRead More ...

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