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The Lesser Known Dangers of Bribing a Bilingual Child

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I admit it; I have used bribery with my kids before. I’m not proud of it and I don’t encourage it, but it is just one of those tools in the parenting toolbox that is available when all other tactics have failed. Some parents may disagree with me, but I willingly confess this child-rearing sin; my only problem is that the tables have turned. You see, the secret to a good “mordida” is finding out the one thing your childRead More ...

Words As a Way to Understand Other Traditions and Cultures

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A few days ago I was invited to Hart Elementary in Austin to read to Pre-K and K classes. As always, it was a great experience and the kids took an active part in the reading. This time, I chose Un globo café chocolate and I gave each kid a “bolita de estambre”, a pompon, to engage them. I wanted them to imagine that they also had a balloon, like Pedro, Margarita and the other kids in the story, andRead More ...

“Bilingual is Better” Now Available For Pre-Order!

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Yesterday was one of those days that I really, really wished Ana and I didn’t live so far apart. I woke up to the news that though it won’t hit shelves until Sept. 4, our book, Bilingual is Better, published by Bilingual Readers, is already available for pre-order on Amazon! And all I wanted to do was run out and give Ana ¡un abrazo fuertísimo! After all the sleepless nights and the many weekends spent encerrada in the library, I really don’tRead More ...

The Best of SpanglishBaby in Spanish On Discovery Familia!

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This is a pretty huge and exciting announcement for us! SpanglishBaby has partnered up with Discovery Familia to provide our content on their site en español! Discovery Familia–the only U.S. channel in Spanish dedicated to Latina moms and all that which is important to us–will be translating some of SpanglishBaby´s favorite and most useful articles and publishing them on their site on a special SpanglishBaby-branded blog called Mamás Latinas: Hijos Bilingües In return, we will be sharing with you news andRead More ...

Cooking With My Spanglish Baby

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 Being raised by generations of Spanish speaking women has established a solid foundation of kitchen know-how. And while I would not consider myself a fluent Spanish speaker, I can talk my way around a Latino cocina just fine. Spending much of my childhood centered on good food and loving family has ensured that I could always speak the language of la comida, la cocina y el amor de mi familia. Since embarking into her toddler years, my sweet two yearRead More ...

Latina? Hispanic? Do These Labels Even Matter?

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Part of the first chapter in our forthcoming book, Bilingual is Better, deals with the ongoing debate of how we identify ourselves. Are we Latinos? Are we Hispanics? Or are we something else? So I was pretty interested in the results of a Pew Hispanic Center survey on this very topic that came out last week. I’ve never really liked the word Hispanic because I feel it implies I come from Spain, which I don’t. I’m okay with the word LatinaRead More ...

Walmart Announces Fighting Hunger Together

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Today Walmart announced an initiative to fight hunger by donating a total of 2 million dollars to some of the communities hit the hardest by the downturn in the economy. We are proud to support this campaign not only because we are Walmart Moms, but also because we know this effort turns into real meals for families in real need. Walmart is not doing this alone. Along with four of the nation’s largest food companies — General Mills, ConAgra Foods, Kraft Foods and Kellogg Company —Read More ...

My Easter Confession + More Cascarones Love

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I have to admit the traditional American Easter celebration with bunnies, egg hunts and such still feels new to me. As much as I grew up with both the U.S. and Salvadoran traditions, in El Salvador Easter week was Semana Santa; and that meant a week of beach and religious celebrations. This is honestly the first year we’ve gone all out with a visit from the Easter bunny, an egg hunt and, claro, learning how to make cascarones (confetti EasterRead More ...

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