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Suzanne Garcia Mateus is the proud mami of a one-plus-year old little girl whom she is ambitiously trying to raise with three languages. Her research interests as a doctoral student in bilingual and bicultural education and life experiences growing up with Mexican immigrant parents inspired her to create a blog, Interpretations of a Bilingual Life, in order to better understand the rich nuances that living with multiple languages offers.

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Arte Kids Bilingual Book Series {Giveaway}

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Before I share about the creative people and organizations that put these wonderful little bilingual books together I must say that my two-and-a-half bilingual baby girl approves! They are perfect for my vibrant explorer who is busy putting all the words she knows in Spanish (with some English) together because the illustrations are not only unique, but strategically placed to provoke conversation. For instance, in the Colores Everywhere! book the colors white and black are on side-by-side pages. On theRead More ...

Becoming Bilingual in an English Dominant Country

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One of the things that really throw people off when they try to speak to Sabrina (my Spanish dominant toddler) is the fact that she really doesn’t understand English. In fact, I have to remind friends and family that she speaks and understand more Spanish than she does English. We have done a pretty good job of speaking to her 100% of the time in Spanish. Sure, Spanish and English flow back and forth between my husband and I (andRead More ...

Speaking Spanish is a Personal Matter

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I grew up in a community where Spanish and English were spoken simultaneously. My parents were definitely Spanish-dominant in their fluency and identity as Mexican immigrants. Most of their friends spoke Spanish and were from Spanish speaking countries. As a child I had to learn which of our guests primarily spoke Spanish, which often times were also the ones I gave a kiss on the cheek instead of a handshake. I lived in a bilingual and bicultural environment, but withRead More ...

Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Get Rollin’ Activity Table {Giveaway}

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If you are like me and constantly in search of bilingual items for your child then this one is sure to be a hit! The Bright Starts ™ Having a Ball™ Get Rollin’ Activity Table offers you and your little one the option of learning in English or Spanish. We always keep it in Spanish mode, except during play dates when we sometimes use the English version, but only at the parents or English-speaking child’s request.There are plenty of features to learn fromRead More ...

Have Bilingual Children Become a Commodity?

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With the rise of dual language education in the U.S., have bilingual children become a commodity? In other words, are children who walk into the dual language classroom already speaking two languages possessing a highly valued commodity: bilingualism? The question, though, still remains, whose bilingualism is valued? Is it the “middle class” students bilingualism or is it those students who come from “lower class” homes? To distinguish between “middle” and “lower” I’d like to clarify how I am referring toRead More ...

Tonji: The Musical Ambassador iPad App & CD {Giveaway}

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The creators’ passion, perseverance, and love for learning about other languages and cultures shines through their product Tonji: The Musical Ambassador by Mommy Americana.  Designed to engage a child through international music, if you go to their website you will see that they have put together popular and traditional lyrics from around the globe. Each song includes language & visual repetition suited for specific age groups. For instance, my two-year-old daughter loved pulgarcito. She would mimic Tonji’s fingerplay and tryRead More ...

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