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Raising a Bilingual Child: A Real Gift

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The following is a guest post by Carolina Gomez founder of 1-2-3 Spanish Together. We are a bicultural family living in Boston, MA. My husband is from the United States, and I am originally from Colombia where I grew up and lived for the first two-thirds of my life. We are both bilingual, and although we learned our second languages as adults, without the opportunity to learn or being exposed to a second language as children, we understand each other’sRead More ...

The Food that Binds

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The following is a guest post by Maura Wall Hernandez There’s one thing that undeniably bonds Spanish-speakers beyond language: a common love for Latino foods. Whether you were born in a Spanish-speaking country and came to the U.S. later or were raised in the U.S. but have visited relatives somewhere in Latin America, we all share that longing for the home-cooked comfort foods and culinary treats that just can’t be found on U.S. supermarket shelves. My husband grew up inRead More ...

A Matter of Prestige

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The following is a guest post that came about after a conversation my cousin, her husband and I had over Christmas when they were visiting from Mexico. (I wrote about their visit here and here.) Anyhow, this is a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for some time—especially after having that interesting conversation last month. Well, my cousin, Magali Melgar Romero, beat me to it! I know of two success stories concerning moms raising bilingual kids in Mexico City,Read More ...

In Just One Generation, So Much Can Change…

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The following is a guest post from Angélica Pérez. I remember growing up in a very cultural, Latino home.  We spoke  only in Spanish; we listened, sang and danced only Spanish music; watched Spanish-speaking television networks; had primarily Spanish-speaking friends; lived in a Dominican neighborhood; and enjoyed a Latino existence. I remember early Saturday mornings — designated by the women in my family as “deep cleaning days.”  Armed with broom, mop, a Mr. Clean bottle, Windex and cleaning rags, weRead More ...

Celebrating Christmas with Hispanic Flavor

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The following is a guest post by Marcela Hede and is part of the Your Bicultural Holiday Traditions series. We love Las Navidades! Typically we celebrate the best of both worlds-the American and the Hispanic one.  I try to introduce our Colombian traditions in a fun way for our son Ian to have great memories of them. At home we place a lot of emphasis on three things that help us celebrate Hispanic style. 1.  Building the pesebre or nativityRead More ...

The Feast of Los Reyes Magos

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The following is a guest post by Silvia and is part of the Your Bicultural Holiday Traditions series. In a perfect world we would spend every year in Mexico during the Christmas Season. I have wonderful memories of getting together each year at my abuelita’s house, of playing with my cousins, enjoying the posadas, drinking the ponche, smacking the piñatas, praying, rocking baby Jesus, hugging everybody, eating after midnight, and coming back the next day for leftovers. Unfortunately, we haven’tRead More ...

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