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How to Celebrate Three Kings Day/Día de Reyes at Disneyland Resort

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Disneyland Resort celebrates the holidays in Latin-style with “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!”. The grand finale is a commemoration of the Three Kings Day/Día de Reyes from Jan. 3-6, 2014. As we shared with you when the  ¡Viva Navidad! celebrations started last month, we’ve been extremely excited by the way our culture is being interpreted for our kids to immerse themselves in it. From the fabulous Street Party with Mojiganga puppets, mariachi and samba music, folkloric dancers and the Three Caballeros and MickeyRead More ...

Free Christmas Coloring Book in Spanish From Bebe Lanugo

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Our friends at Lanugo have put together this Christmas coloring book for us to share with all of you. The Lanugo Christmas coloring book celebrates our cultural traditions during this time of year. Inside you’ll find los tres Reyes Magos, a page dedicated to el villancico “El Burrito Sabanero,” and much more! Click here for the printable version of the Lanugo Christmas coloring book.  ...

Balancing Traditions in a Multicultural Family

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If you are a family with multiple cultures represented, a family that has immigrated to a new country, a mixed race family, an interfaith family, una familia multilingüe, an adoptive family, an expat family, a host family, holidays are a balancing act of choosing “which,” “how,” and “when” to incorporate the different traditions and customs. In our family, my husband is from Mexico, I am from the U.S., and we have two biological daughters, and two sons who are adoptedRead More ...

La Navidad is Coming to Disneyland Resort: Disney ¡Viva Navidad!

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Can it be true? Can Disneyland Resort really be creating a special 8-week long celebration in “inspired by the warmth and joyous spirit of the Latino culture, filled with holiday traditions, jubilant dancing and exciting music”. ¡Así es! We live so close to Disneyland Resort and are lucky enough to visit the parks many times per year and are always happy to see things like their Día de Muertos altars or Reyes Magos celebrations, but in some way it’s neverRead More ...

31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Los Reyes Magos de Oriente

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Editor’s note: We continue with our 31 Days of Reading in Spanish. Check out the book review below and don’t forget to enter our weekly GIVEAWAY of $100 worth of books in Spanish! BOOK DESCRIPTION/REVIEW Our family is in full summer swing – weekends at the beach, bedtimes stretched until the sun goes down. But nothing makes me long for Christmas like a book my in-laws gave me a few years ago, Los Reyes Magos de Oriente. The book tellsRead More ...

DIY Reyes Magos Crowns {craft}

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We are so excited to celebrate Reyes Magos. Since moving our family from West to East Coast, I have taken great efforts to show our kids the importance of cultural religious beliefs I grew up with. This year we plan to write letters to los Reyes, stuff them in our stockings and await for their arrival with lots of treats With that a celebration is in order so we decided to make a rosca for the first time this year and weRead More ...

Ideas for Last Minute Under $10 Gifts for Reyes Magos

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On a recent trip to Tijuana, I got my daughter Vanessa a wall calendar in Spanish. Since we just got back home from a holiday trip, we only put it up yesterday. Immediately, she saw the little drawing on the calendar marking el Día de los Reyes Magos and she realized it was right around the corner. On Sunday, Jan. 6 to be exact. I, of course, panicked because although I have a couple of books I kept over fromRead More ...

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