Great Bilingual and Spanish Holiday Literature Finds to Share With the Entire Family

La Maestra's Corner dual language immersionEvery time I come across and/or find great bilingual or Spanish literature; I feel is my duty to share it with all of you. Some of the titles I am informing you on this post you may already be familiar with, but it is never a bad idea to refresh our memory and re-read them. Some are classics, while others are just too amazing to pass.

What I love about many of the books I am sharing with you in this post is that they are written in BOTH languages (Spanish and English). When I share these books with my class, and depending on time, I may read them in both languages. Children truly enjoy hearing these stories! Also, the language in some of these books is pretty ‘reader’ friendly. Therefore, whether you are a fluent bilingual or just starting, there is something for everyone. Did I mention that any of these books could make an amazing gift this holiday season?

One more thing, I am not actually offering a detailed review of each one of the books I am listing. I rather compiled a short, yet super list for you to access and refer when looking for books that take the holiday season a step closer to our hearts. But, let me assure you that the titles I am mentioning here will not disappoint.

1- My favorite (and here I am bias because I love dogs): The Dog Who Loved Tortillas (La Perrita que le encantaban las tortillas)

the dog who loved tortillas

2- Who does not love The Gingerbread Man also known as El hombrecito de mazapán

el hombrecito de mazapán

3-The classic ¡Qué montón de tamales!

¡ Qué montón de tamales!

4- Arroz con Frijoles. Need I say more?

arroz con frijoles

5- La piñata/The Piñata


La Piñata | The Piñata


Do you have any bilingual and/or Spanish holiday/celebration books that are your favorite? I would love to know. Don’t forget to leave the titles in the comments section.

Happy reading!


Photo thanks to Mish Mish


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