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The Culture of Food : Central America

You Say Pico de Gallo, I Say Chirimol

Like so many Latin foods, words, and traditions, the incarnations of what we usually call “salsa” are innumerable.  As a Salvadoran, I grew up with Chirimol, which is kind of similar to what you find at mexican restaurants as “pico de gallo.”  It’s easy to make, and delicious. Cebollas, Limon, y Sal–these are a few of the strong sabores in chirimol, and they all work to balance eachother perfectly.  No matter what the occasion, every family celebration I remember fromRead More ...

To Die for Pupusas {Recipe}

I remember traveling from El Salvador every summer to my Dad’s house in Houston and being in awe every time we would pass by a random pupusería in the middle of Texas.  Back then, you had to be very Salvi to even know what that word meant without putting on a grossed-out snarl on your face and going:  “pupu…what?!” Now, I’m happy to report, that I’m no longer pupusa-deprived when I travel to Texas or anywhere in California.  Pupusas, that mouth-wateringRead More ...

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