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Wordless Wednesday: Coal, It Does a Body Harm

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Pretty messed up, right? But it is totally true. Before I joined the Moms Clean Air Force, I didn’t know much about the devastating effects of coal-fired power plants — especially when it comes to the Latino population. If you care about the quality of the air our children breath in every day, then I urge you to support the work of MCAF. There are lots of things you can do to get involved from tweeting with us to writingRead More ...

El Verano is Finally Here: Cool Summer Toys

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Summer toys

The sun finally came out in Denver this weekend. We were so ready for it. One thing I enjoy about the change in seasons is the expectation that comes with it. Spring has been unusual in Denver, with lots of (much needed) water, gray clouds and little sunshine. As soon as it gets just warm enough that you no longer need a jacket, we spend a lot of time outside. This should’ve already happened a long time ago. But itRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: En la Peluquería

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A friend of Vanessa’s from her preK class celebrated her birthday at a kid’s hair salon this past weekend. They asked all the girls to dress as princesses, they did their hair and their nails. Needless to say, Vanessa was in H.E.A.V.E.N!   ...

Wordless Wednesday: Wishing I Was There

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It’s another dreary day in Colorado. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in months. I know we need the water and I’m thankful for that, but enough with the gray skies already! Wishing I was back home in Perú watching the sun go bye-bye in the Pacific Ocean! ...

Sleep, Baby, Sleep: Get Your Bebé To Sleep Through the Night

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I love to sleep. I know, who doesn’t, right? But I really like to sleep and I’ve always been a sound sleeper. My mom used to say that not even an earthquake would wake me up and she likes to tell the story of how difficult it was to wake me up every morning to go to school. I always knew having children would change that, but I wasn’t aware how much it would. I remember how right before becomingRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: Mickey, Minnie & SpanglishBaby

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The one and only picture of Ana, Camila, Vanessa and I during our awesome trip to Disney World as part of Hanes Comfort Crew. This was during the Pirate Party they hosted for us at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. I’ve no idea how Vanessa spotted them, but she was first in line to take her picture with them and get their autographs. Total happiness doesn’t even do justice to what she was feeling at the time the pictureRead More ...

A Great Gift Idea for Abuelita: Kodak Digital Frame & EasyShare Camera

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My suegra has been visiting us from Puerto Rico for the last four weeks. She’s spending Mother’s Day with us and a couple of days later she’s going back home. This is only the second time she sees my son Santiago since he was born. The first couple of days, he wasn’t sure who she was, but now he’s grown to love her and calls her Ta — since he can’t say Abuelita — and she melts. Vanessa and IRead More ...

A Mother’s Day Gift…for my Niños

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Queridos hijos, I’ve never been one to care too much about celebrations like Mother’s Day. I feel they are way too commercialized and too much effort is put into material gifts. Plus, my dad — your abuelito — used to say that Mother’s Day is everyday! But I guess you’re too young to understand any of that. You’re also still too young to understand the perilous state of our planet. But, I’m not. I’ve called earth home much longer thanRead More ...

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