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Crayola Color Wonder Gets Rid of the Mess {Review}

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Just in time for summer break, we got a box full of Crayola’s Color Wonder line of products and my kids couldn’t be happier! With only two weeks left of school, I know they’ll be spending a lot of time getting creative both in and outdoors. Both my children LOVE to draw, paint and color, so these products are the kind of gifts that will always be welcomed in my house. And while we had experimented with some of theRead More ...

Getting Ready for Warmer Days

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Although it has felt like anything but spring here in Denver thanks to all the snow we got the past three days, Vanessa was thrilled when I told her we were going shopping for shorts and dresses. While she loves the snow, I think that, like me, she’s just tired of having to wear layer upon layer of clothing! I must admit, though, that’s it’s pretty hard to go shopping for spring/summer clothes when it’s barely 30 degrees outside. InRead More ...

Check Out These Super Cute Lala-Oopsie Mermaid Dolls & Movie

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My daughter Vanessa is not a fan of the Lalaloopsy dolls because their button-eyes remind her of the movie Coraline, which she’s only seen parts of because it scares her to death. So I wasn’t sure how she’d react to the Lala-Oopsies we recently got from Walmart. Well… it turns out I don’t know my daughter as well as I thought!! I first gave her Treasure, the Mini Lala-Oopsy Mermaid doll you see in the photo above, which comes withRead More ...

With Scan & Go You’ll Never Shop Any Other Way

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“I’ll never shop any other way!” is what I said to my husband after I tried Walmart’s newest app. Although I don’t like doing it, I normally have to go shopping for groceries or household items with my children, which means it usually takes me much longer and I end up getting stuff that wasn’t even on the list. But with Walmart’s new Scan & Go iPhone app, things have gotten much easier. The new iPhone app basically allows youRead More ...

Look at All the Back to School Clothes We Got for $100!

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I love summer and being able to spend time off with my children, but I’m actually ready for both my kids to go back to school… and I think they are too! Luckily, we already got all of Vanessa’s back to school supplies — with plenty of time since we have to go drop them off tomorrow at her school — and earlier this week we went shopping for clothes. We were given $100 by Walmart to see how manyRead More ...

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