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Disneyland Celebrates Three Kings Day…and we were there!

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Editor´s note: As we announced last week, for the first time ever the Disneyland Resort is observing Three Kings Day as part of their celebration of holidays. I (Ana) wasn´t able to attend since I´m still in El Salvador with the family, but we asked our friend Rachel Matos of to attend with her son and tell us all about it! I’m Latina and I’m Catholic. Can you believe that we never celebrated Three Kings Day? A Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian family with noRead More ...

¡Feliz Día de Reyes!

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Editor’s note: This post is my contribution to Spanish Friday. De niña siempre celebré Reyes Magos, pero la verdad es que no me acuerdo haber comido rosca, aunque seguramente lo hice por lo menos los años que viví en México D.F. Lo que sí me acuerdo es dejar un zapato al pie de mi cama el 5 de enero y levantarme el 6 y encontrar caramelos y juguetes chiquitos dentro del zapato. Mi esposo es de Puerto Rico y allá élRead More ...

Celebrate Reyes Magos at Disneyland Resort

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My family and I are having a blast spending  the holidays in El Salvador, but there is one huge thing I wished I was back in Los Angeles for: Reyes Magos or Three Kings Day. Why? Because it´s the first time ever that the Disneyland Resort will observe Three Kings Day as part of their celebration of holidays. This, in my book, is huge and says so much about Disneyland´s commitment to embrace Latino families and the traditions we cherish.Read More ...

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