The Importance of Letter Writing + Saying Gracias

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Growing up, gifts or money enclosed in a greeting card meant I knew what I would be doing the next day – writing “thank you” letters. My mother wasn’t strict with my sisters and I in many ways – but when it came to etiquette, we knew what was expected of us. Fortunately, writing the “thank you” letters never felt like an obligation to me because I loved to write, I loved everything about the process of sending mail, andRead More ...

LéaLA Bringing Spanish-Language Literacy to the U.S.

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We´re all about bilingual and Spanish-language books this week in celebration of El Día del Niño, El Día de los Libros. Thus, I was very excited to see that the world-famous Festival Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara is debuting their first ever Spanish-language book fair in U.S. this weekend in Los Angeles: LéaLA. With over 100 of the most important publishing houses in attendance, LéaLA is being touted as “One of the most ambitious efforts to bring Spanish language booksRead More ...

Goals (or the lack thereof)

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Due to both my location (the wonderfully diverse Washington, D.C. area) and my occupation (Spanish interpreter), I have many friends who are also raising bilingual children. They are my support group, and when we get together the conversation invariably turns to our children’s bilingualism, our experiences and challenges. I was chatting with one such friend and we started discussing the deluge of English in schools, how it will be hard to keep the Spanish going at home, how we’ll haveRead More ...

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