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Teach Your Bilingual Kids Traditional Children’s Songs in Spanish

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  My son Santiago suffers from second child syndrome. Have you ever heard of that? It refers to how most second children don’t get the same kind of attention first children get. It’s not like I’m neglecting Santiago or anything like that, I just haven’t done the same sort of things I did with Vanessa at his age. For starters, I’ve been working full-time since right before he turned one, which means I haven’t had nearly as much free timeRead More ...

Canciones de Cuna: Songs for the Soul

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With babies and toddlers there is always a time when a lullaby comes to our rescue. And yes, I mean rescue because lullabies are fundamental to sooth a crying baby or simply to create the right bedtime environment. These songs are useful not just to lull the baby to sleep but also any little brothers and sisters who may be around. Lullabies in all languages have put to bed millions and millions of babies, all over the length and breadthRead More ...

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