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Educational Apps of the Month–February

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Wow..this was a short month! I feel I just finished writing last month´s, and the first one in the series, Educational Apps of the Month post. As I mentioned last time, most of the apps we´ve reviewed are for the iTunes apps platform just because that is what I use. However, Susan jumped in on the apps game and wrote a review of several Android apps for bilingual kids. Check it out. Now on to our Educational Apps spotlight forRead More ...

Speakaboos Brings Stories to Life + A Valentine’s Gift For You!

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Reading plays a critical role in raising a bilingual child.  My sons and I always enjoy reading books together.  Thanks to modern technology, we are able to have a wide range of exciting and interactive reading experiences.  While traditional books have always been fun, we also enjoy stories and books on-line. The website Speakaboos offers an engaging and interactive way to develop your child’s reading skills.  This educational site features well-known and fun stories presented through video.  The text isRead More ...

Valentine’s Day Cards in Spanish for Your Niños!

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We are just a weekend away from one of the cutest holidays to celebrate with kids:  Valentine’s Day.  This holiday is known in Spanish-speaking countries as either San Valentín or  El Día del Amor y la Amistad.  I love calling it El Día del Amor y la Amistad because it not only celebrates romantic love, but also love in friendship and family. Viva Greetings has created these special Valentine’s coloring cards just for you–our dear SpanglishBaby friends!  You can printRead More ...

Yo También Puedo Ser Presidente {Giveaway}

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Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s impossible to deny that finally having an African-American become president of this nation won’t go down as one of the most significant historical events of this century. I was one of the lucky journalists to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver when Barack Obama became the party’s first African-American nominee for President. I say I was lucky because I’ll never forget the feeling of hope I shared with the Latinos I wasRead More ...

Educational Apps of the Month {Giveaway}

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Some months ago I wrote a post featuring 9 handpicked apps for bilingual children; it has since become one of our most popular and shared posts.  Since then, more and more great educational apps for children have been created and we realized we needed to share our finds more consistently.  So, we’re starting a new monthly series where we’ll showcase a few of those educational apps we feel you will enjoy.  This time they are all iTunes based, but weRead More ...

Descubriendo los Transportes With Music {Giveaway}

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The first thing Camila said when I showed her the new CD that had arrived in the mail was:  “¡Mamá! ¡El mono de los colores!”  That was a very good sign. She had immediately recognized the Descubriendo Líneas DVD we had watched and reviewed over a month ago where Bubba–the “mono”–engages with “colores.”  I guess she liked it more than I gave her credit for! This music CD, Descubriendo los Transportes, is part of the Argentinean-created Descubriendo Líneas catalog ofRead More ...

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