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Baby Record Book by Anne Geddes: Mis Primeros Cinco Años {Giveaway}

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Anne Geddes is known for her photography, mostly of babies and kids in flowers, with flowers, on flowers, etc. Mis primeros cinco años (My First Five Years) takes it a step further by incorporating the photographs into a baby memory book where you can keep all the little details that come with the newness of a baby – milestones, pictures, measurements, etc. Sprinkled throughout this book you’ll find Anne Geddes’ famous photographs. I will say however, that some of the photosRead More ...

Be There Bedtime Stories

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I use Skype all the time to keep in touch with relatives. My kids have several keepsake audiobooks from grandparents on their shelves. I travel for work and am often in a different time zone, so I can’t talk to my kids before bedtime. So the offerings from Be There Bedtime Stories sounded like they were right up my alley. The product is simple but very cool. Go to their site, pick a story (mostly geared towards children ages 3-8, andRead More ...

Books & Libros: Juan Verdades {Giveaway}

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As a lover of legends and folktales, I am excited to start sharing longer, more complex stories with my growing son. Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn’t Tell a Lie is a perfect book for the transition from simplistic children’s stories to intricate tales with more than one character. In this beautifully illustrated book, a ranchero (Don Ignacio) makes a bet that his capataz – ranch hand – is incapable of telling a lie, which is why he trusts himRead More ...

Olé and Play! Songs for Language and Culture {Giveaway}

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In their search for high quality Spanish classes for their own children, two accomplished Latina mothers founded Isabella & Ferdinand Spanish Language Adventures.  Their innovative Spanish language-learning program for children includes the exciting CD-Olé and Play!  Songs from Isabella & Ferdinand Spanish Language Adventures.  The music is fabulous and is a great way to introduce your child to Spanish and the cultures of Spanish speaking countries.  Produced by Grammy and Multiple Latin Grammy award winner Andres Castro, and sung byRead More ...

Club Leo Pick: Mis colores, mi mundo {Giveaway}

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I won’t get tired of saying it: there’s a huge lack in the area of bilingual and Spanish board books for the littlest ones in the house — unless of course they’re brought from outside the U.S. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so because Children’s Book Press, one of our favorite multicultural publishing houses, recently announce its plans to start releasing bilingual board books for children ages 0-5. The first book in their new series is MyRead More ...

Fofos Baby Boutique: Adorable Hand Knitted Baby Sweaters

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I was recently lucky enough to recieve a Fofos handmade sweater to review for my six-month old baby, Lucia.  Before I sing the praises of the lovely sweater, I’d like to quote from www.fofosbabyboutique.com to highlight one of the things that sets this company apart: “Fofos Baby Boutique is excited to have partnered with the Obra Social Legaria in Mexico City, a not for profit association that helps low income Mexicans raise themselves out of poverty by giving them the toolsRead More ...

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