The Culture of Food Weekly Round-up -

This week we are featuring four delicious recipes that our niños will surely enjoy helping out with and will also enjoy eating. Explore the anatomy of homemade granola, the flavors of salmon tacos with an avocado-cilantro cream, put together endive spears, and last but definitely not least check out a simple recipe for sweet tamales!


Homemade Granola -

The Anatomy of Homemade Granola

Vanessa of De Su Mama decided that instead of creating a step-by-step of how she made her granola she would document what goes into granola and let everyone work with what they like best. In her post Vanessa not only describes what usually goes into making granola but also gives us tips and descriptions for what works best. Then, it’s up to you and your niños to decide what will go in it!

Salmon Tacos with avocado and cilantro cream  recipe -

Salmon Tacos

Brenda of Antsy Hands recalls her childhood days of no-meat Fridays during Lent for her Salmon Tacos recipe. With just a few simple ingredients you can share these zesty tacos with your family. Check out the salmon tacos with avocado-cilantro cream recipe  here.

Sweet and Savory Endive-Spears recipe -

Sweet & Savory Endive Spears

To celebrate the arrival of spring Ericka of Nibbles & Feasts prepared these yummy looking endive spears. What’s great about this recipe is that it only took her half an hour to prepare and it only requires six ingredients! The end result looks delicious. Share these with friends and family as appetizers or feature them for dinner.


cocount pineapple sweet tamales recipe -

Simple, Kid-Friendly, Sweet Tamales

Many of us have heard about sweet tamales but haven’t dared try to make them yet. If you are feeling adventurous, Veronica of Muy Bueno created this simple and kid-friendly recipe for sweet tamales. The preparation time for these tamales is considerably less than it would be for traditional tamales. This recipe is lots of fun for little ones to get involved. Check out the full recipe here.

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