Frozen Berry Paletas {Recipe}

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Are you melting in the summer heat?  Stay cool with these fruity frozen treats that are a whole lot cheaper then store bought ones and healthy too!

I have visited countries in Central America and South America and one thing that stands out to me the most is all of the yummy tropical fruta that you can find at the market or on the streets.  Fruit vendors selling large cups of sliced juicy mango, fresa, guayaba, sandia, mora…. with lime juice squeezed over it (well in Mexico they squeeze lime juice over it).

We made this Guanabana yogurt & berries frozen treats that your kids can help make.  My son kept coming back in the house checking to see if they were ready yet.  It’s healthy and yummy! Your baby will also love these but make sure if they are not eating solids yet that you puree the fruit.

Frozen Berry Paletas Recipe

  • Guanabana or vanilla yogurt
  • Strawberries, sliced
  • Raspberries, halved

1. Use small disposable cups or popsicle molds and fill with fruit pieces.

2. Then pour yogurt and freeze.

Note: If they don’t slip out easily run under cold water but make sure the popsicle doesn’t get wet.


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