cool whip how do you dollop

Parents can all relate to the picky-eaters stages we confront with our kids. One day they love this, the next day they can´t stand the sight of it. You stock up on a particular snack just to see it come back untouched in the lunchbox. You keep trying and getting creative but nothing seems to stick. At least that´s how it rolls in my house with my girl.

However, there´s a few fruits we can pretty much always count on our girl loving and one of them is strawberries. We eat them in smoothies, in shakes, on top of waffles or just plain and sliced. When we really want to make a bowl of strawberries a special and fun-to-eat treat, we add a dollop of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping as a dip. Kids love, love, love to dip and the taste of a juicy and fresh strawberry dipped in some sweet Cool Whip is simple, yet special. Plus, it’s a snack your kids can help you prepare because strawberries are easy to slice with a dull knife (under supervision) and they can have a blast spooning out the Cool Whip into a small bowl. Such a treat all around!

Disclosure: We are working in partnership with the COOL WHIP brand and are receiving compensation for our participation in this campaign. All thoughts/opinions, stories and recipes are 100% our own.

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