#FrozenFacts Twitter Party

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Technology is constantly changing, and in turn, changing our lifestyles in everyway.  I try my hardest to keep a written shopping list to organize my weekly grocery trips but have now switched over to mobile apps to keep up with my tasks.  Can you imagine what technology will be like in just a few years?  New technologies will impact our routines in ways we’ve only seen in science fiction movies.

I recently came across this video (see below) featuring two women in their daily lives.  The video is centered on their grocery shopping experience, specifically in the frozen food isle.  There are so many misconceptions about various types of frozen foods that we are all so confused whether to purchase them or not. We don’t know where the ingredients come from, how it’s processed, how old it is and whether it’s healthy or not.

Since we lead busy lives, sometimes we don’t have time to cook dinner for our families.   Personally speaking, I do resort to my freezer for quick meals once in a while between afterschool activities, work trips and housework.  Simplifying my weekly grocery shopping trip with this type of technology would be one less thing to worry about.

#Frozen Facts Twitter Party

This is a great topic of discussion and would love to invite you to join us Thursday, March 14 on Twitter.  We will be tweeting about fresh and healthy ingredients, home cooking and busting some frozen food myths.  Prizes will be given away!  Hope to see you there!


{photo by La.Catholique}

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