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Thanksgiving is only days away, so we decided to put together ten links with fun activities in Spanish for you and your niños to enjoy while the turkey is cooking! Take a break to check out some of these craft ideas, which will also make for beautiful decorations to hang around the house, or even serve as centerpieces for your table. Most importantly, these activities will keep the whole family speaking Spanish.

Just click away on the links below:

Spanish Thanksgiving- Of course, any time spent with the familia is a time para hablar Español. Even if not all of your guests speak Spanish here are a few Thanksgiving, or Diá de Accíon de Gracias,  Spanish words that are  musts at the table.

Educational Spanish activities- Teach your kids a little more about el pavo or calabazas while making beautiful crafts to decorate your home. Each printable activity comes with instructions and educational facts in Spanish.

Funny Thanksgiving greeting- Check out this electronic greeting in Spanish you can e-mail to everyone who can’t make it to your dinner.

Easy craft ideas- Find easy instructions to make a mini scarecrow, centerpiece, and picture frame with your kids here.

More easy craft ideas- For simple Thanksgiving day ideas that only require things you already have in the house and your familia check this out.

Stories, activities, games, and printables - Here you can find all of this Thanksgiving themed  fun in Spanish and French!

More stories, activities, games, and lessons- You can find more formal Spanish lessons here all in the Thanksgiving spirit.

“Al pavo, pavito” song- A holiday isn’t complete without some music. Check out this cute song about el pavito you can sing along with your kids.

Bilingual Thanksgiving Mobile- Mommy Maestra is offering a cute bilingual mobile you can print to create with your kids. The mobile includes the Spanish and English  words for fall and Thanksgiving day terms.

Thanksgiving Kit- And last but not least, you just have to check out this super cute Thanksgiving kit. What exactly is in it? Well just about everything you’ll need to make the kids table the cutest and funnest table at dinner. From invitations to a basket, activity sheet, mini Thanksgiving banner, and lots more.

Check out all our Thanksgiving articles, including this craft tutorial to make a corn husk turkey and these fun and easy pumpkin pie pops!

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