Haunted House

We are big fans of StoryToys apps, since they offer such a great mix of game play and reading. The new Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book app is no exception. It’s a wonderfully creepy ebook with 8 pop-up scenes that require some sort of action. From tickling monsters to decorating jack-o-lanterns, the activities leave no Halloween creatures out.

Casa encantada

Like other StoryToys apps, this one is available in 4 languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. The narration is professional and especially creepy to match the occasion. These 3D apps really offer an incentive for children to improve listening skills, since each activity page includes new, sometimes multi-step directions. There is also a puzzle section and a sticker section for hours of additional fun.

Mummy activity

My favorite thing about this app is that it is long enough to offer surprises each time my little guy uses it, so he won’t get bored after the first couple times. Since he, like most kids, absolutely loves Halloween, I know he will revisit the Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book all year long.

Bonus: Take advantage of the half-price deal and get this quality app for just $0.99 until November 2nd!

Find Haunted House 3D Pop-Up Activity Book in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Recommended for ages 5-9

Price: $1.99; ON SALE for $0.99 from October 25th-November 2nd

Check out all of the 3D apps from StoryToys on their website and Facebook.

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