Mi monstruo Burrufú by Alberto Corral


I am always looking for high quality Spanish books. When I was presented with the opportunity to review Mi monstruo Burrufú, written by Alberto Corral and illustrated by Alessandra Sorrentino, I jumped with excitement (really!). As an adult, I can easily recall great Spanish Literature targeted to higher grades; however, when it comes to the lower grades I can name tons of picture books yet few NEW Spanish chapter books.

Mi monstruo Burrufú is a wonderful story about a sweet girl named Olivia and her relationship with Burrufú (the monster). The story begins when Olivia and her dad move to a new house. Here, Olivia accidentally meets Burrufú – a solitaire monster who loves to write and cannot resist the temptation for cookies. These 2 characters slowly develop a strong friendship thanks to Olivia’s persistence and loving personality.

This book is filled with eye-catching illustrations, descriptive language (ideal for those who are learning Spanish), and wonderful author’s craft (dialogue, leads, and much more). A must for any home and/or classroom.


Title: Mi mounstruo Burrufú

Author: Alberto Corral

Illustrator: Alessandra Sorrentino

Language: Spanish

Publisher/Year: Petite Grande Idée (June 12, 2013)

Ages: 8+

ISBN: 978-0615802503

Paperback: 108 pages

Price: $8.45

Where to Buy: amazon.com

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