Rango coloring sheet paper dolls
Rango is the newest animated film from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies which opens in theaters nationwide today.

Just the fact that Rango is voiced by one of my favorite actors of all time, Johnny Depp, was motivation enough to get me in to watch this movie. I assumed that if Johnny said yes to his first big screen animation role, then it must be good. And it is.

It´s also loud, a bit violent and full of witty, very adult humor. A pinkish, princess-loving girl like my own may shy away from it.  Mine stayed throughout the whole movie, but wasn´t enchanted.  However, our 4 year-old-boy friend was laughing out loud.

Boys or girls will love this pack of coloring sheets and paper dolls of the original characters from Rango.  I really wished the Mariachi Owls were in this pack.  They were mis favoritos.

Download here the Rango Activities pack with coloring sheets and paper dolls.

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