¿Qué hay en la mochila?

¡Vamos a la escuela! This is a great activity to teach and reinforce Spanish vocabulary and phrases associated with school.   Kids will have fun guessing and having hands on bilingual fun:

Items needed:

La mochila- backpack

El papel–paper

Las tijeras–scissors

Los crayones–crayons

El lápiz– pencil

Los marcadores–markers

El libro–book

*add any other school related item that your child would relate to.


  1. Lay out items and name all items in Spanish as you fill the backpack.
  2. Take turns reaching in and pulling out an item, asking “ ¿qué es?
  3. Once the children are familiar with the vocabulary, give them specific items to reach in and grab.  They will have fun feeling for the items and trying to find the correct one.
  4. Test their memory and comprehension at the end of the activity by asking “¿qué hay en la mochila? Have fun trying to rename all items that are packed in the back pack.
  5. Language extension:  for continued language practice, use the items to illicit conversation.  Try sorting items by size or color, or ask them to describe each item.  Example: ¿ De qué color es el lápiz?  ¿Para qué lo usas?  ¿Cuántos marcadores hay?

Click here to download a PDF with the ¿Que Hay En La Mochila? activity. The download will automatically start as soon as you click. Check your computer´s download folder to find the files.

Thanks to The Bilingual Fun Company for providing this activity. You can follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook pagewhich is always bustling with information.

Tell us, are you using and enjoying these activities? We´d love to know!

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