Let me start off by assuring you that no snails or slugs were harmed in this project.  We used non-toxic paint and just enough for them to slide through and crawl around. We love critters in our home, well mis nino’s love critters.

When I first heard of snail painting I thought this would be an awesome way to introduce painting to my boys.  They love icky, slimy critters and they like to get messy.

Painting with Kids: Slugs and Snails

Slugs in Spanish are Babosas

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find snails, caracoles, here in Ecuador so we went with babosas. My patio is regularly filled with these unwanted guest so why not have some fun with them.  We usually don’t see them out during the day but today was our lucky day. My 2 year old was immediately intrigued and they watched them intently for 15 minutes.

Here’s our slug painting:

Painting with Kids: With Slugs and Snails

This was the finished product before it crawled away when we weren’t watching.

Painting with Kids: With Slugs and Snails

Here’s the snail painting from Creative Flourishes. I really like the fat lines the snails create as they crawl around the page.

snail painting

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