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Objective: Have fun creating an “ocean in a bottle” craft while teaching beach-themed vocabulary. This activity also offers the opportunity to use comparative adjectives as your child observes differences between their “mini-Ocean” and a beach they may have visited in real life.

Ocean in a Bottle – El Océano

Materials needed:
• plastic water or soda bottles,
• blue or green food coloring,
• baby oil or vegetable oil, tiny shells,
• sparkles or gold glitter for sand.
1. Fill the water bottle 2/3 full with water and tint it with the food coloring and add oil.
2. Fill bottle to about 1/2 inch of the rim.
3. Add tiny shells, glitter, or other sea-related items.
4. Glue the bottle shut and place tape around the top to seal the bottle to prevent the oily liquid from leaking out.
5. When you tip the bottle it will look like rolling ocean waves.
Language Practice:
• Shake the bottle back and forth and ask children to tell you what they see.
• Encourage them to use these words and describe how it is like the ocean.
• Continue the exposure in the target language by conversing about what they see and making connections with the child’s prior knowledge of the ocean. Ex: “ Mira las olas… son grandes… ¿cuántas conchas hay en la botella? Has visto conchas en la arena? Etc etc.


El agua- water

las olas- waves

El mar- sea

la arena- sand

El océano- ocean

las conchas- shells

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