On November 1st, McDonald’s celebrated the joy of reading by including four different original books in their Happy Meals. The books focused on nutrition, imagination and play and were available  in English and Spanish. They’re a great addition to the “on the go” library and a fun reminder for kids to eat right. Below is a short description of the four books pictured above.

  • “La Hormiguita Campeona”  is a book about Ant, a bodybuilder, who encourages physical fitness through exercise and eating right.
  • “Doddi La Dodo y su Viaje Fantástico” – Tells the story of Doddi, a bird who travels the world. Doddi eats right to have energy to take flight again and travel even farther each time.
  • “Dina la Soñadora” – Dina is the world’s smallest dinosaur, but she has big dreams. She learned that by eating right she could accomplish her dreams of growing strong and tall.
  • “Billy el Cabrito Comelón”– Billy has a big appetite and eats anything and everything in his path. Until one day he get’s sick. His family teaches him how to eat right and Billy becomes a happy and playful kid.

The best part is that all of these books are available for free download at and . Just click on the See What Goes Into Your Happy Meals icon at the bottom of the page, then click on the image of the book and you’ll see an option to download the book in English or Spanish.

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