Hot Peas 'N Butter bilingual kids music

You might remember Hot Peas ‘N Butter from a previous post we had here. Well, now Hot Peas ‘N Butter just released their new single titled “Colores” and you guessed it, this song is an interactive way for our niños to learn their colors in English and Spanish.

You can listen to Colores right here:

Colores!! SpanglishBaby by daniellapidus

Hot Peas N’ Butter is a multicultural children’s band that incorporates many different sounds into their music. Latin music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, folk, rock, and jazz are among their favorites, but they don’t stop there. Hot Peas N’ Butter is also a multilingual band. In the past they have had songs in French and Korean!

It’s always a plus when your kids favorites songs become your favorites too. In this case, how could they not when  Hot Peas ‘N Butter incorporates a little bit of all of our favorite rhythms. They are that kind of  band. It will be hard for you to resist dancing and singing along to their catchy beats. It’s no wonder they were the winners of the 2006, 2008 AND the 2009,”Parent’s Choice Awards”.

Check out this video that will give you a little taste of what Hot Peas ‘N Butter is all about:


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