apple lacing cards

Are your kids getting excited about Fall?  Here’s a fun way to get into the spirit of Fall with this Apple Lacing Card craft.  It’s not just fun, it’s also educational.  It helps build fine motor skills, practice colors, shapes and fruit names in English and Spanish!

Let’s start with the colors in both English and Spanish.

Rojo (pronounced ro – ho) is Red

Círculo (pronounced seer -ku-low) is circle

Manzana (pronounced mahn-sahna) is apple

If you’d like you can copy and paste the cards below and practice them with your child.

spanish words

While your child paints with the color red make sure to refer to it as rojo to help them make the connection.

Apple Lacing Cards


  • red paint & brush
  • paper plate
  • yarn

apple lacing cards

1. Have your child first paint the paper plate with color rojo. Let it dry.

2. Then once it’s dry use a hole puncher to make the holes.

3. Take your yarn and put tape on one end to make it easy for your child to slide the thread through each hole.

Optional:  Add the stem with brown paper and draw a face.

The paper plate is pretty durable so you can use them over and over again.

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