18 Inch Talking Chavo IP

If there’s one character that can unite all Latinos bajo la misma bandera it would be El Chavo. Generations of Latinos both in the U.S. and across Latin America have grown up watching “El Chavo del 8″ y sus amigos de la vecindad for the past 42 years. Many of us can repeat favorite phrases and have our favorite characters. (Mine is Doña Florinda! Yours?)

In fact, re-runs of “El Chavo del 8” (1971-1992) are watched worldwide in over 90 countries, including Latin America, Brazil, Spain, and of course, the United States. In the U.S., “El Chavo” airs Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. ET/PT on UniMás and Monday through Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Galavisión. The animated series of this beloved character, “El Chavo Animado” airs on Univision at 4 p.m. ET/PT, bringing the nostalgia and popularity of the original series to our bilingual kids.

And now – ¡finalmente! – we will be able to find El Chavo toys in major retailers (like Walmart and Amazon) across the United States. ¡Sí! Starting mid-August, JAKKS Pacific, along with Televisa and Univision, will be distributing a line of toys, home goods, clothing, party supplies, accessories and more featuring El Chavo, Quico, La Chilindrina, Don Ramón and other beloved characters de la vecindad del Chavo!

Here are just some of the products we’re looking forward to check out:

El Chavo Finger Puppets IP

El Chavo 12 Inch Plush IP

El Chavo Dominoes

El Chavo Hat

6 Inch Quico Figure IP

El Chavo Mini Figures Chavo Popis


Visit http://www.elchavotoys.com for more information on the product line and a videos of “El Chavo Animado”

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