El Chavo Toys {Giveaway}

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El Chavo Toys

El Chavo may very well be one of the most well known Spanish-speaking characters (alongside Mafalda) in Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean.  In the U.S. he is equally as popular among immigrant communities and children of immigrants like myself.

To be honest I haven’t seen the show since I was kid, but receiving these toys in the mail brought back many memories.  My three year old was thrilled to put the little “títeres” (or puppets) on her fingers and pretend the characters of El Chavo, Popis, Don Ramon, Quico, and Ñoño were all talking with one another.

I think what made reviewing this product extra special was that these characters are unique to Mexico, where my parents are from. In other words, many of the books or characters that my daughter is exposed to are literal translations or interpretations of English-speaking (British or U.S.) stories. The characters and stories of El Chavo del 8 come from a community I identify with and one that helps make me (& my family) bicultural.

I think the creators of El Chavo Toys are very aware of their bilingual and bicultural audience in North America. I hope you enjoy interacting with the characters from El Chavo along with passing on their stories with the next generation: our bilingual children.

The Giveaway!

We’re giving away one grand prize pack to one winner (1 plush, 1 hat, 1 figure, 1 finger puppet, 1 talking Chavo) and one smaller prize pack (1 plush & 1 hat) to TWO winners. All you have to do is leave us a comment sharing your fondest memory of El Chavo or share your favorite ‘El Chavo’ saying with us! Then, enter the Rafflecopter below.

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