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Many of us remember the time we asked for a pet when we were little. In La mascota perfecta (A Perfect Pet in English), author Samantha Bell takes us through some unexpected options as a little boy is trying to find the ‘perfect pet.’ The author cleverly weaves high academic vocabulary with a catchy story line. And by using plenty of colorful and well-drawn illustrations, she makes sure children are engaged while learning the different animal kingdoms such as: reptiles, invertebrates, mammals and carnivores, among others.

I personally put this book to the test in my own classroom and read it the first week of school to my fourth grade students. As the story line progressed, the more intrigued my students were. The best part? Everyone thought they knew how the book was going to end, but it was a big surprise to us all. My students loved it!


Title: La mascota perfecta

Author and Illustrator: Samantha Bell

Publisher/Year: Sylvan Dell Publishing/2013

Ages: 8+

ISBN: 978-1-60718-7189

Price: $17.95

Website: Sylvan Dell Publishing

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