Two little words leave much to the imagination in this great book! My two year old excitedly watched as the little girl and her dad go faster and faster, transforming into different animals and traveling through different habitats. For Enzo and I, it was an interactive experience. We talked about the pictures  we saw: “¡Qué animal es?”  “Va más rápido!” “¡Qué color es?”  etc. It is a great way to practice vocabulary and to introduce new vocabulary!

It also provides an opportunity to let the children learn about what animals go fast, go slow, fly in the air and swim in the sea. Kids and parents get to use their imaginations and describe the scenery, the animals, movements and sounds. It was so much fun watching Enzo’s face light up as we turned the pages. I was pleasantly surprised! Whoever knew two words could bring so much fun and unleash the imagination?

Book Details

Faster! Faster! ¡Más rápido! ¡Más rápido!

By Leslie Patricelli

Ages: 2-5

Candlewick Press US: $6.99

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