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What’s summer without a good book to read while lounging under a tree? As relaxing as it sounds sometimes reading is not what our kids have in mind for their summer vacation. This week we are sharing fun activities that will get niños excited about reading, communicating, and learning about animals and insects  in Spanish. Check out each activity below and just click on the links for the full description.
35+ Ways to Excite Your Kid About Reading - latinas4latinolit.org

35+ Ways to Keep Your Child Excited About Reading

Latinas for Latino Literature shares a list of 40 simple and easy ways to keep our niños excited about reading. These are great tips to show our kids that reading is fun and not just for homework. Check out their list and make sure to check out their summer reading program for kids!


Printable Spanish Questions with Pictures – Una Preguntita 7

Spanish Playground is currently sharing a series called Una Preguntita which encourages kids to practice their Spanish language skills. Each post in this series comes with a set of questions that parents or teachers can ask and a worksheet with images (see above) so that kids can either point or circle the correct answer. Click here for the latest post in this series and the printable version of this activity. 



Proyecto de Trabajo: Las Obejas

Actividades Infantil is sharing 10 printable activity sheets for our bilingual kids to enjoy that are all about bees. These activity sheets encourage kids to solve math problems, learns a few facts about bees and honey, and learn new vocabulary words.


Learning Spanish at the Zoo: Animals (Animales)

The zoo is a fun and educational place for our kids. Why not make it a Spanish learning experience too! Frances of Discovering the World Through My Sons Eyes shares a simple and fun way for our kids to learn the names of the animals at the zoo in Spanish. Click here for a full description of this fun activity and resources.

Recycling DIY

Manualidades con Niños: Cuadros Reciclados

Reina of Soy Mama En Casa shares this cute and simple DIY to make a decorative craft  from recycled materials. We love this craft because it is a great way to relax and enjoy a conversation with our kids.

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