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Bilingual Science iPad app --

The Adventures of Alex: Electricity is a new iPad app available in English and Spanish. It’s an educational ebook with a funny twist at the end.

Alex is a curious little boy who wonders where power comes from. Learn what types of devices around your house require electricity by tapping each object on the pages. Then, go with Alex as he follows the power lines to find out where they begin.

Bilingual Science iPad app --

Alex travels for miles with his dog to investigate the source of the electricity. Get ready for a big surprise at the end of the story. Although Alex finally finds the power plant, he discovers that what’s creating the power is rather unexpected:

Bilingual Science iPad app --

I like that this story integrates the truly educational with something slightly humorous. It makes it more fun for kids who might not be as curious as little Alex about la electricidad and could spark a funny conversation at story time.

Find The Adventures of Alex: Electricity in iTunes

Available for iPad

Recommended for ages 4-9

Price: $4.99

Visit the Adventures of Alex website for more info.

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