Lango Activities

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¿Qué Color Es?

What You’ll Need: Hula hoops and bean bags in the main primary colors.

Set Up: Lay the hula hoops out on the floor and have the children stand around them in any order. The teacher holds on to the same colored bean bags.

How to Play: Toss a bean bag to a child and say “¿que color es?” The child should then throw the bean bag into the matching hula hoop and yell out the color in Spanish.

Why it Works: Lango classes are taught using the Adventure Learning method, which combines movement, interaction, music, play-acting, repetition, and full language-immersion to assure that children learn and retain vocabulary.

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About Lango Lango teaches children ages 18 months to 11-years-old French, Spanish and Mandarin through Adventure Learning, an innovative approach that combines stories, music and movement, playacting, and game-playing. In addition to weekly year-round classes, Lango also offers a summer day camp program called Camp Lango. Lango is a division of Intrax, a family of organizations that provide a lifetime of high quality educational, work and volunteer programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 16 countries.

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