The Culture of Food : Latin America

5 Latin Food Blogs That Fuel Our Traditions

Ay, food…It’s not only the way to a man’s heart (or so they say), but also the passage to the sweetest of memories and the preservation of traditions.  Part of our journey of raising bilingual and bicultural children is instilling in them a love and passion to the cultural elements that are tied to their mother tongue.  Every language carries with it a magical bag filled with the music, dances, rituals, artistic expressions and the food that identifies it.  LasRead More ...

5 Delicious Latin Food Blogs

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.” I truly believe that food binds us as a family, connects us to our culture, fills us with the tastes and aromas of our heritage and gives us our identity. As we strive to raise bilingual and bicultural children we commit to surrounding our homes with the richness of our cultures, such as the traditional recipes from our different regions. These platillosRead More ...

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