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Melissa is the proud mami of Little L, a wonderful and curious toddler who is growing up bilingual. She is also the author of HungryFoodLove a recipe blog where she not only shares her passion for food, but also the peace and joy that is experienced by cooking and loving. Melissa is a firm believer that some of the greatest memories can be created around food, cooking with mamá, abuela, tía y, ¿por qué no?, papá. That is why her blog is intended to be a plate full of positive and encouraging messages served with delicious recipes. Melissa is originally from the Dominican Republic born and raised there so her Latin heritage is reflected in the food she cooks. She lives in Upstate New York with her daughter Little L. and her better half Mr. B.


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How Food at My Daughter’s Birthday Party Told Our Bilingual & Bicultural Story

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When one of my daughter’s first words was D-d-d-dora I knew there was something special about this character. As a new mamá, I am watching children’s programs for the first time, getting to know what they are about and trying to figure out which are best for my daughter, Little L. Although she just turned 1, I do rely on some TV to help me with raising her bilingual. Little L’s exposure to Spanish is limited, and as I amRead More ...

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